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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Four simple goals

One of my favorite blogs - A Beautiful Mess - posted a very fun challenge last week: share four simple goals you want to achieve before 2013.

So here we go...

1. Practice my Photoshop skills
I've never really been an avid user of Photoshop. I certainly realize you can do amazing things with it - I just never bothered to find out how. To me, the challenge of photography has always been to create an image as beautiful as I can make it right then and there, using only the settings on my camera and the world around me. Then, when something like this rolls out of my camera, without any editing whatsoever, I feel like I've actually created something.

And yet, I have realized that taking photographs and publishing photographs on a blog are two very different things. Instead of just posting photographs, it is so much more fun to make the photograph a part of the post. My blog has always been a bit all over the place, which was fine by me, but lately I've been more and more longing for some... harmony. A calm and light atmosphere instead of chaos ;) Understanding and using Photoshop is my first step in that process.

The second step is to...

2. Sign up for a web design course
Another thing I would LOVE to learn more about. I've been using blogger ever since I started blogging in 2005, but lately I'm getting a bit sick of simple templates and just feel a very strong need for change. Maybe even leave this blog behind and start over fresh? Who knows. Hopefully signing up for a web design course can help and motive me with finding my blogger identity.

3. Paint our kitchen
The paint and brushes are all here. Now all I have to do is start painting :)

4. Finish my crochet pillow case!
So this past year hasn't exactly been an easy one for me. And the fact that my back pain was preventing me from doing one of the things I love most - crafting - didn't help either... At all...

But I'm not giving up! I will get back to crafting! And I will finish my colorful crochet pillowcase I started earlier this year!!! :)

Of course I can! ;)


Update 29/12/2012: I achieved my goals!! :)

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