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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tadaaah: a very colourful harddisk cover :)

About a year ago my computer 'died' - twice. I did not have any backups, so I was VERY happy when it was revived by the computer-doctors on both occasions!! Flash forward to the present, and I have made backups of my files and photographs... on a four year old iPod I drag with me EVERYWHERE.........

Not good, you say? I completely agree...

So - finally! - I got myself some proper backup-equipment: a Western Digital portable harddrive!

Amazing to think this little device can store almost 500GB, isn't it?!!

Of course, considering this is now containing some Very Important Stuff, it needs to be properly protected.


Crochet harddisk case :)

A very colourful, very cute, crocheted harddisk cover :)

I absolutely LOVE all the bright colours! 'Cause hey, when you almost need to wear sunglasses to look at it...

Crochet harddisk case :)

... you KNOW it's good, don't you? ;)


  1. Oooohh I love love love this!
    Such a brilliant cover for the hardrive. :-) Brilliant colours!

    Ashley xxx

  2. This is hott! I love it!
    -Los Angeles, Ca

  3. Hey lovely cover.
    It will brighten up anybody's day.
    Can you please send me the pattern for it.

  4. Would this case also work for an Ipod? I would really like the pattern.
    My email is :)


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