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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little Monday Afternoon Cheer Up

Amazing slow motion + I LOVE the music!!

Oh, and the dogs are pretty cute too ;)

A Little Monday Morning Rant

Okay, people. I've completely had it with this stupid neck/shoulder-problem of mine!!!!!!

As if having constant pain for almost a year now isn't bad enough, my neck is now officially standing between me and crafting.... Yes! You heard that right!!! I can't craft anymore without days and days of pain afterwards!!! :(

Seriously, neck.


Because of you and all the stupid pain you bring me, I'll probably be working on this little baby blanket for years and years, because I can only crochet 15 minutes a week, and the baby it's made for won't even be a baby anymore by the time I'm finished!!!

Darn you, neck!!

DARN YOU!!!!!!!!


Ah. Well. Okay... Guess I had to get that out of my system... ;)

Now let's continue the week without complaining, and focussing on the good stuff shall we? :) Have a good Monday everyone!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saving cats and stuff :)

Hey there Blogland!! Forgive me for my lack of blogging this past week....

.... but I've been too busy saving cats and stuff ;)

Apparently J has collected so many records, cats now get lost in his room... ;) She was only able to climb out after she woke us up with her loud screams and we built her a ladder made of shoes...

Ah, cats! You gotta love them!! ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Monday

Apparently today is Blue Monday, and we're all supposed to feel more crappy than we would on any other Monday ;) Fortunately today was a beautiful day in my part of the world, so instead of hanging around feeling shitty, I decided to take a long, therapeutic walk into The Wild!!

There's nothing better than coming home after a long walk and making yourself a nice cup of tea (especially when it's a delicious kind of tea that tastes like spiced gingerbread!!!)...

... and treating yourself to some homemade meringue!!!

No, this Monday wasn't so bad. Not bad at all :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I ♥ Cake

I'm not saying emotional eating is a good plan. I'm just saying food can make you feel soooo happy ;) Last Christmas I got the most amazing book ever: I ♥ Cake by Trish Deseine.

Just looking at the pictures is pure bliss in itself!

Peanutbutter & chocolate cookies anyone???


Best part is that there are soooo many amazing recipes in this book that I would actually feel comfortable making! Some are pretty complex, but most of them seem very very doable, and so very very delicious :) I started marking the ones I wanted to try, and just kept on going and going :)

I can't wait to get started!! :)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

2011 Recap: October

I've had quite a lot on my mind these past few weeks, and it has left me rather exhausted to be honest... I just can't find myself to spend energy on crafts, or blogging, or any of the other stuff I love. And then of course I feel guilty for not spending time on blogging or crafts, and I feel even worse!! ;)

So instead of feeling guilty I will just use my unfinished 2011 recap as the perfect excuse to blog about a month where I clearly did have energy for crafts: October!!

October was filled with creative workshops, crafting, colors and even sunshine!!

Ah, that lovely bright sunshine!! :) Makes me feel better already! ;) And to completely forget my worries for today, I'll just look at a baby weasel...

... and all is well ;)

Monday, January 02, 2012


I hope all of you will have an amazing, healthy, inspiring and creative 2012!!!

As is tradition here on the Writing Tree, here's the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2011, to start off 2012 in style :) Enjoy!!!