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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to my gallery!

Woohoo! I finally did it! I opened a gallery!!! :D

On Flickr that is :) First subject: plushies! Although they're more like little sculptures made of felt, fabric and yarn. Want to see the ones I picked? You can check them out here!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Why my Monday sucked…

… more than usual ;)

1. It’s raining (AGAIN!)

2. My pet rat needs an operation :(

3. I was so busy at work I started a hundred chores but finished none…

4. I want to lie down on the couch eating chocolate but instead I have to bike through the rain and work out at the gym………

And last but not least:

5. I walked around at work with INK on my face!


A few things that make it a bit better though:

1. I’m watching the first Dexter-episode of season 5 tonight!

2. My felt and fabric bunny is featured on!

3. It's almost Tuesday


Um… Yeah. Well. That’s it really – can’t think of anything else.

Damn you, Monday!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

WIP: a clear blue scarf :)

Because the weather has been dreadful lately, and because the days are getting shorter, and colder, and because I need some color and warmth in the winter that is to come…

… I’m knitting a scarf!

To be continued! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Q. What's more fun than Etsy?

A. Regretsy! :D

One of my colleagues forwarded me the most amazing site today. The name and slogan alone are enough to make my day:

Regretsy: where DIY meets WTF.

The whole concept is so simply brilliant I wish I had thought of it myself: it describes itself as 'the fail blog of hand crafts' and features all kinds of insane items people actually dare to ask money for on Because even though Etsy is home to some of the prettiest handmade stuff out there, it's apparently also a Magnet for the Weird...

Here are five random things I stumbled upon:

1. A modest little scarf...

2. A very striking (?!) portrait of Zach Braff...

3. A 'beautifully' 'crafted' bracelet...

4. A totally unreadable embroidery piece - yours for only $225!! (WTF?!)

5. Kawaii glasses...

Wait - I actually like that last one :D

Want to be amazed? Check out more crazy items on!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pippin got published :)

Do you remember the little felt dog I made back in January? It was based on a linocut called 'Pippin & the World', made by Martin.

Pippin & the World

Well, guess what? It was published in a Dutch magazine about dogs!

Our own little Pippin got published :) A great excuse to post a totally random, totally cute pic of baby-Pippin!

They do grow up fast, don't they? ;)

Friday, September 17, 2010


And I hate to tell you I told you so...

...except that I did! :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Day at the Zoo :)

Yesterday, me and my friends went to the zoo!

We saw tiny animals...

Slightly bigger animals...

And really big animals!

We met a cranky seagull...

... who tried to steal our candy!

We saw some 'very dangerous animals'!

Who could bite... 'very hard'!

Some were common...

... others were... not so common :)

And what do you do after a long day at the zoo?

You drink hot chocolate. With cream!!!

Who said we are too old for stuff like this??? :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

5 things on Friday

1. Making the best of rainy days with my very own Jip and Janneke-umbrella :)

2. Opening a box of sunshine...

3. ... and a box of bunnies!

4. Reliving my childhood :)

5. And making the very last square of the Sunburst Granny Square Blanket!!!

The Last One :)

That's it for today... I've got 36 granny squares to join!! :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Granny Dance!

I always wondered what Granny Squares do when I'm not at home, and now I know...

They DANCE! :)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Signed, sealed, delivered! :)

You know how sometimes you look forward to a package, but when it finally arrives it is not as good as you thought it would be?


Wendy's New Rain Hat, an original painting by Micki Wilde/The Secret Hermit, is as sweet, lovely and cute as I thought it would be :)

Isn't this painting amazing??? :) Love, love, love it!!!

Also: loved the bonus-postcard:

Want to get your own painting? Check out Micki's Etsy-shop here!