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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My kind of therapy :)

As you might know, I watch Pride and Prejudice everytime I'm ill or sad or just when I feel like it, which is about four times a year. I don't know what it is about that movie, but I must have seen it around twenty times by now and I still love it, still laugh at the same little jokes and gestures, and I still want to watch it again every times it ends :)

So the other day I was feeling kind of blue, and after watching the movie I decided I needed MORE.

So I'm now rereading the book :)

All you need is tea and warm socks...

... and Jane Austen :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My ixxi collage :)

Last year I told you about ixxi, an amazing system that let's you click together printed squares and hang them on your wall. You can use your own photos or you could use images from the ixxi image bank, and I absolutely love the idea!

So of course I've been trying to gather some of my own photographs for a collage, but I found it really difficult to choose a variety of photographs that looked en felt like a unity. Until I decided to edit my most beloved photographs, and suddenly it all came together!

I simply used Instagram to edit my photographs, which didn't just gave them the same look, but also cropped them all in perfect squares, with matching borders :) I'm not a Photoshop wizard, so for me using Instagram was a very easy way to make all of my photographs 'match'.

So there you have it, my design for my ixxi collage :) I'll have it rest for a while, maybe make a few changes, and then finally place my order!!

Hell... it only took me a year!!! ;)

Friday, June 01, 2012

The source of my pain....

... is surprisingly colourful! ;)

Work in Progress: A Very Happy Pillowcase

After months of staying away from crochet (and crafting in general) to prevent more pain in my shoulders/back, I decided to give it another go last week. I wanted to make a colourful, stripy pillowcase, so I started with a row or two to see if it would hurt.

It didn't, so the next day I did a few more rows...

... and on the days after that a few more...

Now, I should've just stopped after two days, but if you're a fan of crochet you might understand how hard it is to stop once you get going. And I had missed it so much!! The yarn, the colours, the progress you make when you're on a roll! So instead of taking it one step at a time, I took a few steps too many (although not many steps at all for people with strong backs, which makes it even more frustrating...)

The result: one half finished, super happy pillowcase...

...and one very very very painfull neck... :(

I am determined though, and I will not give up quite yet! So when the pain is gone, I'll start with 5 minutes every other day, and after that 5 minutes every day. Because a little crochet is better than no crochet at all.