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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Motherflippin' iMac

After my current computer died not once, but twice, it came back from the computer-doctor a bit crooked in the memory department. Installing new software - like Photoshop or even Quicktime... - was a disaster, backing up my iPhone proved to be impossible and every time I turned it on it made this weird beeping sound...

So after a year of putting up with my crooked computer, I decided it was time. Time to get myself a MOTHERFLIPPIN' iMAC!!!

Apart from the fact it actually WORKS without problems - which is really, really nice for a change :) - it also looks absolutely awesome!!!

It's not just the pretty mouse...

... or the pretty keyboard...

... but the simple fact that it's just a monitor. No need for extra equipment or a gazillion wires all over the place. Just a monitor that can do everything my old computer could do, and then some. Really, what more do you need???

Exactly, Boots: nothing. Nothing at all! ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

There and Back Again

Hey there, Blogland!! I'M BACK!!!!! ;) I hope you've all had as much fun as I've had these past few weeks. (You've certainly been busy: almost 400 new blogposts to catch up with in my Bloglovin' stream!! YIKES!!!)

After a week in Paris I spent last week with J and two friends in Wallonia, in a cabin in the woods.

In the Morning Sun

I cannot begin to tell you how welcome the peace and quiet of that cabin was for me!! There's nothing better than sitting on a porch watching squirrels and deer running though your garden - well, not for me anyway ;)

We even had a watchtower to keep an eye on all the wildlife!

When we weren't on our porch spotting deer, we ventured out Into The Wild to hike...

... visit little, old towns...

... and drink hot chocolate :)

I can't believe how quickly it all flew by! I'm so glad I took about a gazillion pictures to remember this trip by (of which about 99% consists of us acting completely mental and for that reason will not be shown in public ;)

And the best part? I have another two whole weeks of vacation-time ahead of me!!! :) Bring on the chillin'! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Goodbye Blogland! (For a while ;)

I'll be in Paris this week for some business, and I have no idea if I'll have time to update. After Paris I'm going straight to Belgium for some serious relaxation, without any access to the internet! :)

So because I probably won't be able to blog for a week or two, here's a picture of a cat sniffing a flower! ;)

See you later, Blogland!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

There Goes The Summer...

While I'm still waiting for summer to begin...

... apparently autumn has already arrived!

And I am not ready for that. At All. Sure I love me some scarfs, warm hats and hot chocolate - but only after a lovely, warm, long summer!!! When autumn arrives after three weeks of sunny weather in april, and then what felt like four months of rain... Well, that's just cruel ;)

Along Came A Spider...

So along came a spider... and there goes the summer. Hope to see more of you next year!...

Sunday, September 04, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

The first phase of redecorating my workspace started this week when my new desk was delivered: a beautiful steel frame with a tabletop made of old wood.

I was a bit too busy organising the chaos to take any decent pictures, but as you can see...

... my new desk is already starting to feel like home ;)

Also, I couldn't help adding a little gimmick:

... a hidden music box!! :)

I'm planning on getting a few more so I'll have a whole row of them :)