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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pimping my blog ~ Phase 2!

Wooohoooooo!!! I've added pages!!! :)


Okay… I do realise I am the only one who is this excited about adding pages to my blog ;) But I've always loved pages on blogs and now – thanks to a simple gadget from Blogger – I’m able to add them myself.

And what did I do with that power?

I’ve added a Handmade and a Photography-page! Wooohoooo!!!


Let’s just say I’m easily psyched ;)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I ♥ iPod Skins

First of all, thanks for al your comments and emails about the Sunburst Granny Squares! They sure are pretty, aren’t they? :) Many of you asked for the pattern, and although I did put it in the initial post, here it is again:

Now, let’s talk iPod Skins.

I got my black iPod Classic (called Mini Me ;) about three years ago, and oh how happy I was with her! She was shiny. She was classy. She was awesome! :)

But alas! Despite my efforts to keep Mini Me out of harm’s way, after three years of carrying her around on a daily basis and dragging her half-way across the world, I have to admit: she’s not flawless anymore. In fact, she’s a bit battered and covered in scratches! :(

But fear not, Mini Me! :) I have found a way to make you pretty again, and all will be fine once more. The solution: iPod skins!

Aren’t these absolutely wonderful??? Seriously: what’s better than applying ART on your iPod???? Exactly. NOTHING!!! :)

I found two websites that have great designs: GelaSkins and Skinizi. The ones pictured above are – apart from the middle one – all from GelaSkins. They are so great!! I really like the Bookshelf by Colin Thompson, Toxicity by Alex Noriega and My Pop by Colin Johnson.

But then there's Skinizi, that sells the middle one. And I happen to LOVE the middle one. So cute! Plus, they have Anne-Julie, who’s work I also happen to LOVE:

So, I’m buying an iPod Skin!!! Wooohooo!!!

Just give me a day or two to decide which one it's going to be ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Like the song, LOVE the vid! :)

I absolutely ADORE this latest video from the Gorillaz!

The animations are pure eye candy if you ask me and so perfectly in tune with the song! I also love the incoherence of it all - from Noodles shooting at pirates in planes to Snoop Dogg in a submarine :) Here's for hoping they'll pick up where they left off in their next video!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Do not buy unless you are... ME!

More on this wonderful painting from The Secret Hermit as soon as it arrives! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

WIP: Sunburst Granny Blanket

~~~ UPDATE JANUARY 2013 ~~~
I have started a new blog called Nittybits where you can find a tutorial of the Sunburst Granny Square Blanket! It contains information about the pattern, how to join the squares and the yarn I used. Feel free to check it out here:


Yep, I'm still piling :)

My latest work in progress was inspired by this picture on Flickr, and this pattern of the Sunburst Granny Square.

I LOVE this pattern! I'm so addicted to making these squares, my arm was actually hurting from making too many in one day!!

Who said crocheting was without danger? ;)

~ EDIT ~

Check out other posts about my Sunburst Granny Square project & the end result here!! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kawaii? Kawaii!!

Woohooooo! It’s Friday! The weekend is here! And the sun is shining!!

Reasons enough to share my latest finished project: a very happy, very sweet bunny! :) Ta-daaah!

I really wanted to combine felt and fabric with a simple yet cute design in warm colours.

And I'm pretty happy with the result! She turned out so kawaii :)

And the best thing?

I’ve included a magnet, so she can hang out on my fridge!! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

If only I could...

Check out this totally cute little lunchbag/tote!!!

Isn't it pretty?? :) I would LOVE to make one, and I know exactly which fabrics I'd use.

My super happy yellow fabric with white dots for the sides...

... and this beautiful green fairytale forest for the front and back!!!

Now all I need is learn how to properly make bags, and I'm all set ;)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

5 things...

... that bring a bit of sunshine to grey days:

1. Handpicked blackberries

2. Purses that sit in plants

3. Flowers in my favourite shade of yellow

4. Making so many granny squares I can make PILES!

5. My new super funky pink sunglasses!!! :)

Yep. I feel cheered up already :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Photo Friday: Photoshop skills

Because I’m not feeling too well, and because I came across this old picture from three years ago the other day, and because it made me laugh, and because the Photo Friday weekly challenge is 'Photoshop skills', and because it's just outright RIDICULOUS, I present to you the following:

Best thing: I've got a whole bunch of these! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Last seen: Inception

Since I didn't win the 7,5 million jackpot in the monthly lottery - AGAIN... - I had to go see a movie in which dreams do come true...

I'm not saying it was the next best thing, but it was pretty entertaining anyway :)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Last seen: Kick-Ass!!!

Any movie in which they let 11-year olds do stuff like this:

... is kicking ass indeed!!! (Hit-Girl RULES!!! ;)

(Also: LOVED the soundtrack!!!)

Sunday Secrets

For more secrets visit

Friday, August 06, 2010

Sundrenched World

On the third meeting of our photo club (the second meeting not being documented due to lack of any decent photographs…) Martin and I went to another little local part of The Wild!

Despite the rain we’ve had all week, today was lovely! The sun was out, and warm, even in the early morning hours.

We made our way through some fields, where a snail had reached the top...

... and we were outnumbered by sheep!

We crossed streams...

... passed spiderwebs...

... and dew-covered reed!

I stopped for a second to admire my bright nails...

... and look at shadows.


A wooden pathway emerged in a marsh...

... that led to a bird observation hut...

... where I didn't see any birds!! :)

So back we went, admiring the way sunshine shines...

... in our little sundrenched world!

Sundrenched World

Pimping my blog!

Since I started blogging in 2005 I changed the looks of this blog several times. Different headers, different sidebar, different gadgets; I went from black-and-green to white-and-pink. Because as my life changed, so did my blog.

Lately, I felt it was time for another change. A change leading to a little bit more colour and a little bit more brightness :)

So here it is: my new blog! Improvement? I hope so. And if not, I’ll just change it back ;)

Fun: creating a new header containing an owl :)
Not so fun: accidentally deleting an HTML-code from my sidebar and not having a clue what it was meant for… :S

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Super happy crochet flowers!

It was my mom's birthday last week, and I really felt she deserved some flowers! Buying them however, seemed a bit too easy :)

So I took this pattern, some wooden sticks & a few cute buttons...

Super happy crochet flowers!

... and made some flowers myself!!! :)

Super happy crochet flowers!

They are so much fun to make!

Super happy crochet flowers!

And such a happy gift to give :)

Super happy crochet flowers!

And the most important thing: my mom seemed to love them, and put them in a little vase on her desk!

They looked so cute, I might just have to make some for myself :)

Monday, August 02, 2010

How cool is this?!

Non-profit organisation Apopo trains giant pouched RATS to detect landmines in Africa. And they seem to do it in a really positive way, with a lot of love and respect for their animals. But that shouldn't be a surprise, considering the founder is a Buddhist monk :) Check out this amazing video about their work!!

(Also: can I have one of these as a pet??? ;)