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Monday, April 05, 2010


Hej alla! Hur mår du?


Okay... So I still don't know any Swedish... But I did manage to translate a whole pattern from Virka Amigurumi by Mia Bengtsson!! Yay for me!! :)

The pattern was on page 43. The last page of the book. Svårighetsgrad: utmaning. Which basically means: challenging! Because crocheting a foreign pattern alone would be waaay too easy... ;)

The pattern named Flicka (Girl) was the reason I bought this book. Sooooooo cute!!! I’m really happy with the result as well!!!

So here it goes…

I’m going to make this a scroll-down-ta-daaa-thing, so wait for it…



So what do you think? Is she cute or what?! I love her, erm, huvudbollar!!! :)

And I think the button is just perfect!

And you know what? I want to make another one!!! Or two!!! In different colours!!!


I love crochet :)


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