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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I ♥ Notebooks

Apart from baskets, I also ♥ notebooks :) Whenever I’m in a store that sells them, I just have to take a look. Hold them. Let my fingers run through the pages. I’ve had to create a rule for myself saying I cannot buy a new notebook before the present one is completed. (Otherwise I would end up with hundreds of them!)

Notebooks (1)

To me, finding the right notebook is very, very important. Sure, I could just grab the first one I see and start writing, but I like to make a process out of it. And my process of writing starts with finding the right notebook.

I’ve had small ones from Paperblanks…

My Notebooks (1)

Large ones from Paperblanks…

My Notebooks (3)
My Notebooks (2)

Happy ones from teNeues…

Pink ones…

And my latest? This beautiful Peter Pauper Press Birdhouse Journal!

I must say: I LOVE Peter Pauper Press. Check out their other gorgeous journals here! Aren’t they amazing??? *drool* They didn’t have the Owls Journal in my local bookstore, but I almost bought the Fresh Kicks AND Birdhouse Journal right then and there!!! Unfortunately that would’ve been against my rule of buying one notebook at a time, so I had to choose :(

The good news is: PPP also makes journals! Like my pretty, pink cats-in-dresses journal of 2010!

Which means I can buy another journal for 2011 soon...

My Notebooks (4)

... without breaking any rules!!! :)


  1. Your notebook collection is beautiful! I too am a notebook addict and recently had to give myself the "no new notebooks till the old one is full" rule. There's just so many pretty ones out there! Thanks for taking pictures and posting them. :-)

  2. your collection of journals is beautiful! I too love colorful journals, they make me happy.

    I did had the same rule. HAD. I just came across two notebooks I couldn't let pass. Now, I'm stopping the notebook buying until I'm done with them (which inspires me to write more... I L-O-V-E shopping for new notebooks)


  3. Don't let anyone tell you men don't appreciate colorful stuff and bright flowery designs. To me they are a reminder of presents from my grandma and her gift wrap. I want to check out the teNeues books. I'm gonna have to make a rule too or my closet is gonna explode.

  4. Actually the one I've tried to track down is the top "happy" one with the butterflies, hats and I think shopping bags?, I looked on the teNeues website but couldn't find it. Has it got a name or the name of the designer? I wish I could think up things like that. I would get rich. Plus my aunts would eat it up like PB&Js.


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