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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Down came the rain! :)

After weeks of sunshine and heat, which left us all rather exhausted, we FINALLY welcomed rain back into our lives :)

You know what the best thing about rain is? After it stops, the whole world comes back to life! At first everything seems quiet, but once you take a better look...

... there are creatures everywhere!!! From spiders...

... to snails...

... and grasshoppers!

Up in the sky there are birds...

... and beneath chairs there are dogs :)

And when you're lucky, and I mean REALLY REALLY lucky, you might even see some young mice playing right next to you while you're having lunch!

Mice! (2)

And because these little mice MADE MY DAY, they got a little video as well:

So keep your eyes open. You might like what you see just as much as I do :)


  1. Geweldig die muisjes (en dat tenenkrommende muziekje erbij hahaha).

  2. Ah, geweldig en dat vreselijke muziekje!

  3. @ Martin & Leni: de muziek is uit The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy :)


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