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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Q. What's more fun than Etsy?

A. Regretsy! :D

One of my colleagues forwarded me the most amazing site today. The name and slogan alone are enough to make my day:

Regretsy: where DIY meets WTF.

The whole concept is so simply brilliant I wish I had thought of it myself: it describes itself as 'the fail blog of hand crafts' and features all kinds of insane items people actually dare to ask money for on Because even though Etsy is home to some of the prettiest handmade stuff out there, it's apparently also a Magnet for the Weird...

Here are five random things I stumbled upon:

1. A modest little scarf...

2. A very striking (?!) portrait of Zach Braff...

3. A 'beautifully' 'crafted' bracelet...

4. A totally unreadable embroidery piece - yours for only $225!! (WTF?!)

5. Kawaii glasses...

Wait - I actually like that last one :D

Want to be amazed? Check out more crazy items on!

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