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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Motherflippin' iMac

After my current computer died not once, but twice, it came back from the computer-doctor a bit crooked in the memory department. Installing new software - like Photoshop or even Quicktime... - was a disaster, backing up my iPhone proved to be impossible and every time I turned it on it made this weird beeping sound...

So after a year of putting up with my crooked computer, I decided it was time. Time to get myself a MOTHERFLIPPIN' iMAC!!!

Apart from the fact it actually WORKS without problems - which is really, really nice for a change :) - it also looks absolutely awesome!!!

It's not just the pretty mouse...

... or the pretty keyboard...

... but the simple fact that it's just a monitor. No need for extra equipment or a gazillion wires all over the place. Just a monitor that can do everything my old computer could do, and then some. Really, what more do you need???

Exactly, Boots: nothing. Nothing at all! ;)


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