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Friday, June 01, 2012

The source of my pain....

... is surprisingly colourful! ;)

Work in Progress: A Very Happy Pillowcase

After months of staying away from crochet (and crafting in general) to prevent more pain in my shoulders/back, I decided to give it another go last week. I wanted to make a colourful, stripy pillowcase, so I started with a row or two to see if it would hurt.

It didn't, so the next day I did a few more rows...

... and on the days after that a few more...

Now, I should've just stopped after two days, but if you're a fan of crochet you might understand how hard it is to stop once you get going. And I had missed it so much!! The yarn, the colours, the progress you make when you're on a roll! So instead of taking it one step at a time, I took a few steps too many (although not many steps at all for people with strong backs, which makes it even more frustrating...)

The result: one half finished, super happy pillowcase...

...and one very very very painfull neck... :(

I am determined though, and I will not give up quite yet! So when the pain is gone, I'll start with 5 minutes every other day, and after that 5 minutes every day. Because a little crochet is better than no crochet at all.


  1. Aww sorry to hear you're in pain again hun, the pillowcase is awesome though and super happy colours :o)

  2. I really understand you!!! My neck is totally hard :(
    But I sell my crochet, so I try to relax myself and go on :D
    A sweet cup of tea and good music, maybe help you!!!

    Hugs from Buenos Aires.

  3. I'm so sorry that it hurt so much, because it's so pretty and I know I wouldn't be able to put it down either! Hope it feels better next time x


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