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Monday, March 29, 2010

I promised you credits!

Opening credits that is :)

I never really pay much attention to opening credits, until they are really great: then suddenly I realize how much identity they can give a movie or tv show. Much like trailers in fact - and you know I LOVE trailers!! :)

So I did a little surfin' which led to a good old fashioned Youtube Click-Fest!! First stop: tv shows & animation!

After this...

... everybody wanted animation! Some turned out well...

... and some not so well...

This one I LOVE because of the music!!

Wait a minute... See those hands @ 00:30? Where did I see something like that before...? Oh, here it is... (00:10)

Apparently hands are supposed to be scary! ;) Ah well, who cares?! You know they both stole it from this one!!! :D

Oh Mulder & Scully, how I miss you!!! *sigh* Those were the days! ;)

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