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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost in Translation

Remember the cute little book I showed you yesterday?? Well… I forgot to mention a quite significant little detail...

It's in Swedish.

Which would be no problem whatsoever...

If I were Swedish.

Or could speak Swedish.

Or could at least read Swedish.

But I am not. And I can't. So… it’s translation time!!! :) So far, this is what I got from a translation website (Swedish – Dutch):

Snelle ogen, begraven onze hoofden, hoewel de bomen in de vroege en opslaan van een 20cm lang stuk aan het eind

Which is beautiful and poetic!!! And complete nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with crochet :) And the Swedish – English result turned out to be not much better:

Fixed eye, stop the head, though trade in early and save a 20 cm long piece at the end

Well… At least the last part makes sense!! :)

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