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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I ♥ iPod Skins

First of all, thanks for al your comments and emails about the Sunburst Granny Squares! They sure are pretty, aren’t they? :) Many of you asked for the pattern, and although I did put it in the initial post, here it is again:

Now, let’s talk iPod Skins.

I got my black iPod Classic (called Mini Me ;) about three years ago, and oh how happy I was with her! She was shiny. She was classy. She was awesome! :)

But alas! Despite my efforts to keep Mini Me out of harm’s way, after three years of carrying her around on a daily basis and dragging her half-way across the world, I have to admit: she’s not flawless anymore. In fact, she’s a bit battered and covered in scratches! :(

But fear not, Mini Me! :) I have found a way to make you pretty again, and all will be fine once more. The solution: iPod skins!

Aren’t these absolutely wonderful??? Seriously: what’s better than applying ART on your iPod???? Exactly. NOTHING!!! :)

I found two websites that have great designs: GelaSkins and Skinizi. The ones pictured above are – apart from the middle one – all from GelaSkins. They are so great!! I really like the Bookshelf by Colin Thompson, Toxicity by Alex Noriega and My Pop by Colin Johnson.

But then there's Skinizi, that sells the middle one. And I happen to LOVE the middle one. So cute! Plus, they have Anne-Julie, who’s work I also happen to LOVE:

So, I’m buying an iPod Skin!!! Wooohooo!!!

Just give me a day or two to decide which one it's going to be ;)

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