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Friday, August 06, 2010

Sundrenched World

On the third meeting of our photo club (the second meeting not being documented due to lack of any decent photographs…) Martin and I went to another little local part of The Wild!

Despite the rain we’ve had all week, today was lovely! The sun was out, and warm, even in the early morning hours.

We made our way through some fields, where a snail had reached the top...

... and we were outnumbered by sheep!

We crossed streams...

... passed spiderwebs...

... and dew-covered reed!

I stopped for a second to admire my bright nails...

... and look at shadows.


A wooden pathway emerged in a marsh...

... that led to a bird observation hut...

... where I didn't see any birds!! :)

So back we went, admiring the way sunshine shines...

... in our little sundrenched world!

Sundrenched World

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