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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Down came the rain...

As I said, my timing is often impeccable. After weeks and weeks of the most beautiful weather, rain has arrived - right in the middle of my holiday!!

I would have no trouble at all with entertaining myself indoors... if it wasn't for my stupid back!!! No crafting, no more than 30 minutes of computer-time a day, no activities that involve me standing/walking/sitting for over half an hour straight - even reading a book is painful!

But enough with the whining. Let's focus on a thing I was able to do: take pictures of a few rain-loving creatures in my garden! :)

There were slimy snails... (I counted 60 of them!!!)

... freaky flies...

... ambitious ants...

... and a ginormous rabbit!!

Even our cat...

... was a little intimidated :)

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