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Friday, May 13, 2011

Jenny Bird! :)

As I said a few weeks ago in my Birthday-post, I still had a few presents coming my way :)

This week the first one arrived: a very special gift from my parents.

They gave me this amazing illustration by Natasha Newton/The Blackbird Sings - custom made for me!!

Check out the name:

How cool is that? ;) Also: Natasha is now SELLING this illustration as a postcard!!!

So if you want to own a Jenny Bird, check out Natasha's Etsy store!!


  1. How wonderful to have your own special birdie illustration. Natasha's work is amazing. Niki x

  2. Hi Jenny :)

    I was delighted to create little Jenny Bird just for you, and I liked her so much I decided to make postcards of her available for others to buy in the shop! I'm so pleased that you like her, and I think the frame she's displayed in is perfect.

    Thank you for writing such a lovely blog post.

    Natasha x

  3. That's amazing! You DO eat like a bird, so I get the comparison! :-)


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