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Monday, November 14, 2011

Hand carved stamps!!! :)

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon in a workshop learning how to make stamps. And it was so much more fun than I had expected!! I had expected to be complete rubbish at it, but I was actually able to produce something recognizable ;)

So as if I didn't have enough hobbies already...

... I'm now also addicted to making stamps ;)


  1. Your stamps are really good! My favourite is the camera. I've been wanting to try this, and each time I see somebody's stamp creations I want to do it more!

  2. I saw the wonderful one you made of Martin's dog! Great work :^)

  3. Hi Jenny! So great to find you here :) glad you had fun at the workshop! your stamps are just too cute and very well done :) xo Tarah

  4. These are so great - the whale is my favorite (he looks so happy!). Too cute!

    Like you I don't need yet another crafty hobby but I am sorely tempted to try carving stamps (though I might need to get a bigger first aid kit first!)


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