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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodbye Polleke!

Our beautiful Polleke left us today after almost 2,5 years. We loved her curiosity from the moment she came to live with us, as small as a little mouse...

... all the way to this:

She was our last rat standing - the very last one of the group to go. Now all there's left is an empty cage. No more sleeping in a pile, no more of this:

It truly is the end of an era!! :(

Goodbye Polleke! Back to your sisters you go!

Polleke (09/09/09 - 15/02/12)


  1. Aww sorry hun, they don't live long enough do they.
    I miss my mice, hamsters and rats, i've had lots over the years but not now i've got my 2 doggies.

    Hugs x

  2. So sorry! Silly how such beautiful, funny and loving pets are only able to stay with us for such a short time!

  3. Thanks, you guys! It truly is a shame pet rats have such short lives... But I'm happy I was able to make the short lives of my five rats as comfortable and fun as possible :)


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