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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Home Alone

For the past eight days, J was busy skiing in the French Alps, and I was busy taking care of our house, our pets, and myself ;) I'm not very used to being on my own, so I was a bit worried about two things: being home alone at night ("WHAT'S THAT NOISE?!?!?!") and cooking for myself ("pizza or pancakes tonight??").

But it turns out not sharing a bed can be GREAT (having twice the room and laying diagonally isn't so bad at all ;) and I ate very healthy indeed!!! Seriously: no snacks and lots of fruit and veggies all week long!!! YAY FOR ME!!!!

So on my last day alone....

.... I celebrated with a BIG FAT CHOCOLATE DONUT!!!


You could call it an epic fail. I just call it the joys of life ;)


  1. Hey, I like this post! My husband went away to Canada the last two weeks, to visit with his family. He's back Wednesday! Even though I miss him, you are right: having the bed to myself (well, if you dont' count the cats) and not having to worry what to make for dinner were great! I also had a lot of time to think and play my favourite music out loud. And the TV was hardly on! Maybe I should buy myself a donut for tomorrow. :o)

  2. Just an update. I did one better! My husband BROUGHT me a donut! :o)

  3. Whahaha - oh my gosh Annika!! :D Your husband rocks!!!!! :D


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