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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 6: York

After walking quite a few miles these past few days, we decided to indulge in some shopping in York!

We had never been to York before and first impressions were very good! I loved the city wall and York Minster was very impressive.

When we reached the narrow streets full of shops however, it started to rain...

... and it didn't stop. So after a bit of (succesful) shopping and a lot of (unsuccesful) running around trying to stay warm and dry, we needed some comfort food. And what better place to find it than...

... Bettys!! :)

A Perfect Afternoon Tea you say? YES PLEASE!!! :)

Despite the rain we had a good time in York. Although I wouldn't mind returning someday when it's nice and sunny, so I can actually see more of the city ;)

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