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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yorkshire, here I come!!

And I better bring my umbrella...............

With only four days to go until our holiday to Yorkshire, I am now officially OBSESSED with the weather over there. Because seriously people: this does NOT make me happy. Not happy at all :(

I can't believe I'm going to this beautiful part of the UK and it will be raining all day every day... (Or at least that's what I'm fearing...) I like a bit of a challgenge, but walking in the rain while freezing my ass off does not sound like my kind of holiday fun... I can already see myself trying to cross Ilkley Moor while a hurricane style wind beats down on me and rain comes down horizontally. Oh, and there will be thunder of course. And hailstorms....

Anyways. I knew April could be tricky, but I kind of hoped luck would be on my side :(

So to calm me down, let's look at some Yorkshire scenery from more happy times... ;)

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

If it does rain during my whole stay in Yorkshire, I'll just pretend these are my holiday snapshots ;) Drool!!!


  1. If you get chance while you are in yorkshire, visit yorkshire sculpture park ( it's lovely and admission is free too!!!

    Can't help you with the weather though hun it's always rainy where I am in the midlands ;)

  2. Thanks for the advice, Micki!! :) Very welcome indeed. And I'm sure we'll have a good time - even if it rains. We'll make it work!! :)

  3. Oh, have a lovely time in England. I'd love to visit Yorkshire myself, I adore the accent! Sorry about the weather. It's so ironic, too, seeing as the government declared a drought at the beginning of this month! So, water is good for the land, but bad for the people! :o)

  4. If you are staying in ilkley you must have high tea at bettie's tea room. I love ilkley it's not far from where we live in Leeds. Enjoy your visit. Manon x

  5. As Manon said you just have to visit Betty's Tea rooms, a fabulous experience. :) xx


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