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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Four simple goals: challenge completed!

Hey Blogland! I hope everyone had a great, cozy Christmas with lots of friends and family? I sure did! :) And with Christmas gone, I can't believe this year is almost over! Time to see if I've achieved my goals ;)

Last September I set four simple goals to achieve before the end of the year, and I am very pleased to report that I achieved them all :) These were my goals:

1. Practice my Photoshop skills
Check! :) I learned about layers, adjusting brightness, contrast and colour balance, I played around with different fonts and I even made my own actions. It was so much fun, and there is SO MUCH MORE to learn!!! I'm definitely going to keep working with Photoshop in 2013.

2. Sign up for a web design course
Again: check! ;) I signed up for a web design course where we learned to work with Adobe Dreamweaver. And although it was fun to built a website, I realized I was much more interested in the graphic and creative side of things. Colours, fonts, layout: it's all so much more fun and inspiring to me than the technical aspect of building a website. So even though actual technical web design isn't something I'm likely to pursue, this course did teach what I should invest more time in. Which is a good thing :)

3. Paint our kitchen
It took me a few full days, but our kitchen is now partly yellow. And yellow is ALWAYS good ;)

4. Finish my crochet pillow case!
This is probably the one I'm happiest with: I actually finished another crochet project :D And I am soooo very happy with the result!!

So that's it for my four simple goals of 2012! I really like the concept though, and am planning to do the same thing for 2013 :)

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