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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Winter Blues

I don't know if it's the short grey days or the crappy weather, but I have been suffering from a little Winter Blues lately. (...) And with Winter Blues I mean I've been CRANKY AS HELL!!! ;)

This is the blanket I was working on a few weeks ago. And of course, I was SOOOOO excited about the result, and about the fact that I was crafting again, I took it too far (once again...). So (once again....) no more crafting for me :( 

(This is beginning to be a lot like Groundhog Day... -_- )

Meanwhile, our home is a mess while we wait for a new sofa and chairs, the holidays are around the corner for which I am neither prepared nor in the mood, and the weather is absolutely horrible with loads of rain, rain, rain.

In short: I want to go to bed with a good book and a hot cup of tea and stay there 'till April ;)

So... I'll check back soon when I've found my happy mood, and am sitting on a brand new sofa admiring a very merry christmas tree. 

And if not: see you in April ;)

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