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Friday, July 01, 2011

Redecorating Mania ~ Let's Pin the Internets

Sudden urge to redecorate EVERYTHING





Seriously people. I need help. I'm pinning the whole, entire internets! ;)

It's great though, and I'm so inspired by all the amazing products and photographs out there! I can't wait to show you our new bathroom when it's completely finished in a few weeks or so, and I can't wait to get started on redecorating our bedroom!!!

One of the biggest challenges for me is to distinguish the good from the bad. When I'm at home looking at amazing photographs it's very easy to see what works and what doesn't. But when I'm in a store, surrounded by products, everything suddenly looks the same! I often end up leaving with nothing at all, because I can't make a decision.

So as a little interior design exercise, I went to our local second hand shop today. There's A LOT of stuff in that shop that is very obviously NOT for me (or anybody else for that matter ;), so the challenge was to find something that did work :)

So here it is...

... a little blue lamp! :D

I'm pretty proud I found it amidst all the other stuff they sold, and I love this little lamp so much (the colour is perfect!) - it's actually a bit pathetic... ;)

Next stop: finding the right lampshade! :)

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