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Friday, July 22, 2011

Tadaaaaah! ~ Our brand new bedroom :)

Two years ago this month, J and I got the keys to our current home :) It's an appartment, and it isn't even that big, but it's light and bright and has a huge garden - and therefore feels so spacious!

The previous owner had already placed a brand new floor and kitchen, so after a thorough paint job we could move right in. And now, two years later, we just finished rebuilding our bathroom... and we've finished redecorating our bedroom!!! :)

The last one was - you might have noticed ;) - on my mind a lot these past few weeks, and when you see the following before-shot, you will understand why...

It looks a bit like we just moved in, doesn't it? Well, unfortunately for us, this was taken two weeks ago ;) We just never really bothered to make something of it, but after some very intensive research and thirteen hours of Ikea-related labor... we finally have a new bedroom!!!


And on the other side:


I cannot tell you how happy I am with the way it turned out. (Check out the little blue lamp!!! :)

Instead of a room hastily filled with a bunch of furniture and other junk, it now looks - and more importantly: feels! - like a home.

It is now a room in which I can read a book before bedtime, without being annoyed or distracted by all the clutter.

So yes, I was obsessed with redecorating our bedroom.

But what can I say? It paid off :)


  1. Het ziet er geweldig uit, goed gedaan;))

  2. Your newly decorated bedroom looks lovely. I love the blue lamp..! It's very cute..

    Ashley x

  3. Ziet er goed uit zeg! Is dat een wekker of radio op het nachtkastje?

  4. Thanks!! :)

    @Leontien: het is een houten wekkerradio (van Cresta)!

  5. Wow, cool Jen! En ja: het blauwe lampje! Voorbode op het blauwe huis...?


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