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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Ultimate Cabinet?

Oh shoot!! I forgot the cable of my camera somewhere the other day, so I can't share any of my pics! :( Guess I'll have to share another decorating goodie then! :)

I have been looking for the right cabinet for my crafting/office space for a while now, and I think I may have found something that's very close to being the ultimate crafter's cabinet! :)

I already saw this wonderful cabinet on Decor8...

... and then again on another site...

... and another...

... and another!

(Click pictures for image sources!)

I thought: why do all these people are able to find and buy wonderful cabinets that I will never be able to own???


Turns out it's from Ikea... ;)

Of course, it's out of stock throughout the Netherlands... So I'll have to think of a temporary solution to store all of my stuff! Will report back on that, as soon as I get my camera cable back! ;)


  1. Leuk blog heb je Jenny! Zal zo eens op mijn gemak verder lezen. De uil in de home sweet home-blog is van Donna Wilson, uit haar kaartencollectie. Liefs!

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  3. Dank je, Anki! Die kaartenset gaat zeker op m'n verlanglijstje (net als 20 andere spullen uit haar shop trouwens ;)


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