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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Art Swap Part 1: A Happy Little Rainbow

When I first read Micki from The Secret Hermit was organizing an art swap I immediately wanted to join... and then I realized I'm not an artist :) Fortunately Micki didn't mind me joining the swap with my crafty stuff, so off I went making two things I thought she might appreciate: a plushie and a hand carved stamp :)

The plushie I designed myself - it's the first pattern I created with a result worth sharing here ;)

I already showed you the eyes...

... which turned into the little happy face...

... of a sweet little rainbow!! :)

Isn't it cute?? :) I really, really love this plushie - I had so much fun creating it and the very colorful end result makes me really happy! :)

The best part? Now that I have the pattern I can make as many as I want!! :) I also made a matching sun and a cloud which I might share soon. Something for the shop-to-be maybe?? ;)

Coming soon: The Art Swap Part 2: The hand carved stamp!!


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