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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Art Swap Part 3: the painting

After sending the plushie and hand carved stamp to Micki from The Secret Hermit, it was time for the last (and best ;) part of the Art Swap: receiving Micki's painting!!

Unpacking the envelope was fun enough in itself...

... and then there was the artwork inside... WOW!!! :) I cannot begin to tell you how much I love it!!! The colors and overall feel of this little painting are just absolutely wonderful, and it seems like it was made to stand on my dark, wooden desk :) Absolutely perfect!!

The Art Swap

So a huge thank you to Micki for organizing this swap!! And if you want a whimsical painting of your own, make sure to visit Micki's Etsy Shop ;)

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  1. *yay* so glad it finally got to you, it seems ages since I posted it.

    She does look pretty cool next to that gorgeous dark wood you've got her on, i'm so glad you like her especially as I truly LOVE what you made for me, I have the plushie right on my shelf above me so I see it every time I stand up or move around in my work room, such a happy little face....totally adorable!!



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