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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Art Swap Part 2: Hand Carved Stamp

Apart from the plushie I made for the art swap organized by Micki from The Secret Hermit, I wanted to make something a bit more personal.

I bought this lovely painting from Micki a few years ago, and I stil love it so much! It's standing on my nightstand, so I get to see it at the start and end of every day :) And because I love it so much, I decided to turn this painting...

... into a hand carved stamp!!

Pretty cute, eh? :) I'm pretty happy with the result!! Although I did leave out one little detail of the original painting for one very simple reason...

Carving FRECKLES is freakin' impossible.



  1. Awesome stamp! That looks like it would have been difficult, looks great though :)

  2. You are so super clever and I am in love with my stamp and plushie :)

  3. Heel mooi! (was'kgistervergetetezegge)


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