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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Holiday Files: Week One

Florida. The Sunshine State. It wouldn’t have been my first choice if I’d been making this trip to the USA on my own, considering the fact that I can’t stand heat. We were traveling with J’s entire family however, and they happen to love temperatures above 85 oF (= 30 oC)...

So off I went… and spent the first week of the trip hiding in the shade with a mini fan. :) Distractions came in the form of theme parks, swimming pools and shopping malls – again, not really my cup of tea, but we had fun anyway.

I’d never been to the States before, and the whole country turned out to be… quite remarkable. From the utter obsession of food…

(Nobody needs this much cereal...)

... to the amazing wildlife!

This guy almost walked into our house! Quite a difference from the blackbirds I’m used to...

And then our first week was over and we were trading in Orlando for the Gulf of Mexico. More pictures, wild life & beaches in Week Two!

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