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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Holiday Files: Week Three (1)

As I said, I can’t stand the heat! Needless to say I wasn’t too sad leaving Florida and heading up north, through Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina – all the way up to Virginia. It was great seeing the landscape change, from tropical marshes to breathtaking forests.

Too bad we couldn’t take our time and explore: we had cities to go to!

~ Part One: Washington DC ~

How glad I was to see something other than fast-food restaurants and theme parks! So much happened in this city over the past centuries, and so much was being remembered.

We spent a whole day visiting the Washington Monument...

... the Lincoln Memorial...

... the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial...

... the Korean War Veterans Memorial...

... and Arlington Cemetery.

The next day we visited the Capitol and the White House. Security was insane, with road blocks, metal detectors and bag searches at every entrance. Rationally, you know why it’s done, but it was kind of shocking to see a city so full of fear.

A helicopter landed near the White House though, and we liked to tell ourselves Obama was in it :)

So we had a great time, with great (nice & cool) weather! ;)

See that face? That's my "thank god for cool breezes"-expression! ;)

More of that in the last part of our journey: New York City!

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