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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Holiday Files: Week Three (2)

New York City BABY!!!! :)

I couldn’t believe we finally made it all the way to New York City! And I couldn’t believe it was raining either… Times Square looked grey, wet and sad as we arrived, and I was hardly able to take any photographs :(

Oh no, wait. I took this one of J standing next to a giant Lego Chewbacca :)

It stopped raining right before we got to Central Park, and although I can imagine the atmosphere being a lot more upbeat and fun on a sunny day, we had a great time walking around the damp, quiet lanes and pathways circling through the woods.

The skyscrapers at the horizon were the only things reminding us we were still in a city... I LOVED IT!!! ;)

Next day, we visited downtown Manhattan and the weather had significantly improved!

The sun was even shining, so it was back on with photography!

Ground Zero was maybe the most impressive thing we saw on our whole trip to the States.

It is not until you are there that you can truly understand the magnitude of it all. How big those buildings must have been. How catastrophically it truly was.

(Where they were.)

(Where they would’ve been.)

And then our trip to the States was over. It was amazing. It was great. It was CRAZY! Goodbye Lady Liberty!! Till next time???

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