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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finished project: Destroyed Shirt Bunny :)

Q: What happens when your boyfriend leaves his favorite shirt on a chair that happens to lean against your pet rat cage, and then leaves for work?

A: Well, then the rats go to work as well, with a result looking something like this:

Yes, people. That IS a shirt with its sleeve gnawed off... :) On the bright side: my rats got a very comfortable bed made out of a sleeve, and I got myself some extra fabric!! ;)

And what to do with that extra fabric, you ask? Well, let me tell you: take a cute pattern...

... and make yourself a motherflippin' bunny!! :)

Old shirt bunny :)

How adorable is that?!! :) Honestly, I think it's so cute...

Old shirt bunny :)

... I might just start leaving some of J's other clothes next to the rat cage as well from now on - completely 'by accident' of course! ;)

Old shirt bunny :)


  1. Wauw!! That's so cute! Very good job recycling ;-)

  2. Ow, zó leuk! Vooral het patroon en de kleuren samen.
    Misschien kan ik morgen mijn kledingkast nóg eens opruimen...


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