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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Lean Green Sewing Machine :)

Check out this funky green piece of history!!

It's a Husqvarna Zig Zag and it belonged to J's grandmother.

When she moved to her current home a while back, she was looking for a new owner, and - of course - I didn't mind stepping up for the job ;)

I love the vintage feel to it. The color is amazing, the metal cool and sturdy, and it weighs about a ton!! ;)

I don't know how old this particular machine is, but the type is apparently from 1947 and was the first free arm sewing machine.

It has a very limited amount of stitches though - most of witch are, believe it or not, different kinds of zig zags ;) - so for the last couple of days I've been looking for an upgrade.

But boy, picking one is not easy!!! They all look pretty much the same, they're all made out of plastic, and they're mostly electronic. And chances are...

... NONE of them will have these kinds of drawings in the manual ;)

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  1. I own 2 of these machines, both brought new by my mother and myself. I wouldn't sell them for any amount of money. My machines take the stitch cams in the back does yours? I have a comuter Janome as well, a good machine has heaps of patterns and writes etc. But the Husqvarnas stitches much better, do better patterns etc stitch wise. I wouldn't stitch leather with the Janome but the Husqvarna breezes through thick leather. I am told these machines are very sort after as they never have problems and are fantastic to teach young people as the speed can be cut to a slow one and unless you tell the person where the knob is they don't know and it makes first time users better sewers by using the slower speed to learn on.


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