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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out and About (and a Baby Weasel!!)

This week started with a beautiful, clear autumn day! The light was absolutely amazing and bright, and The Wild looked very pretty :)

But what I enjoyed most? Our surprise encounter with a baby weasel!

We scared it half to death when we came across it, but it wasn't our fault: it was sitting in the middle of the path!! It looked completely healthy (and in the first few moments completely pissed off as well :), so we guessed its mum must be close by and we let it be. After many hours of watching Wildlife SOS, I believe it's what Simon would have done ;)

I had to mute the video though...

It was full of Martin trying to convince me not to 'save' it and take it home ;)

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  1. omg that baby weasel is adorable!!
    We get tons of bunnies, squirrels, voles and pheasants where I walk my 2 doggies but i've never seen a weasel, so cool!!


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