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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finished project: Pencil Case

Oh, how I love starting a new crafty project!! :) The process of choosing the right fabrics, prints and colors is almost rewarding enough in itself, isn't it? :)

I wanted to make the pencil case from Lisa Lam's the Bag Making Bible for quite a while now.

I love pretty lining, but I've never really used it before in any of my projects. So before I'm stepping up to making a bit more complicated bags, I thought I'd start with a pencil case ;)

I have to admit: I got a bit confused, so it took me two tries to get the lining on the INSIDE of the case ;) But here it is!!! :)

I really love it! The dots, the stripes, the soft colors and to top it off: the bright yellow zipper!! Perfect for pencils...

Finished project: Pencil Case
... or to keep my little crafty supplies in one place when I'm on the road!!! :)

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