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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jenny needs...

Het nieuwste weblogspelltje vraagt erom gespeeld te worden. Ga naar Google en typ in: “(je naam) needs”

Daar gaat ie…

1. Jenny needs your support

2. Jenny needs space!

3. Jenny Needs a G-String

4. Jenny needs to be able to manipulate the information systems in the bank

5. Jenny needs a job

6. Jenny needs immediate medical care

7. Jenny needs to go to bed before she falls asleep on her face

8. Jenny needs to demonstrate more self control

9. Jenny needs to learn how to control her legs and arms

10. Jenny needs to be fed via a gastrostomy



Het leukste is misschien nog wel dat je net zo klinkt als The Jimmy uit Seinfeld…

‘Jimmy's going into shock!’
~ Jimmy


  1. Bij mij precies hetzelfde resultaat :-)

  2. kato needs....5:10 PM, May 31, 2006

    kato needs a good stiff drink,
    kato needs prayers for women who struggle
    kato needs the analysis of false statements
    kato needs to escape from poverty
    :) dit is echt leuk! hihi


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